Fish Symbol Cartoon

Cartoon 112 (May 21 Fish Symbol Cartoon 2009)

Let’s hear it for all those Ichthys symbols on the back of cars. First published in the BT, 21/05/09

7 Responses to “Fish Symbol Cartoon”

  1. not so sure Says:

    I am not sure that the Darwin fish means your are a christian and believe in evolution, that would be hypocritical…? Rather I think it’s evolutionist way of mocking radical christians…? I could be wrong though! Nice cartoon though! you should do more!

    • cakeordeathcartoon Says:

      I think you may well be entirely correct. The symbol was originally created by Darwinists as a cheeky dig at Creationist Christians. I’ve noticed recently though that Christians who have no problem with evolution use that symbol as well. Ah, symbols, always blurring the lines. Thanks for the comment! Take care.

      • You are correct. Christians are using the Darwin fish symbol for Christian identity and the acceptance that God’s mode of creating us was through evolution (in “theory”).
        Great comics, I really like the Pentecost one.

  2. rainbowape Says:

    I certainly use my darwin fish lapel badge to harmlessly poke my tongue at radical creationists, regardless of demonination / god. Indeed some religious people do believe in evolution such as the arch-bishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams. They usually then mutter something about not knowing their gods plan or mysterious ways. Strangely I have had as many people who notice it and feel they have to share their disagreement in a rude manner as I have had a little chuckle with about it. Sometimes in a very unchristian way indeed.

    That aside I still very much enjoy your cartoons, they are usually poignant and very amusing, keep up the good work.

  3. darwinsbulldog Says:

    I should bring your attention to my post:

    • cakeordeathcartoon Says:

      Hey man,

      Thanks for showing me your post. You’re right, that is kind of fishy. But this is the first time I’ve seen your cartoon (and yours is even better drawn than mine). The idea’s been banging around for years. And why not? It’s such a simple yet funny way of picturing what fishing means to various people.

      Kind regards,


  4. darwinsbulldog Says:

    Thanks for letting me know!

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