Twitter Cartoon

Don't make me tweet again

Would Paul have tweeted? I think so. First published in The Baptist Times 13/08/10

6 Responses to “Twitter Cartoon”

  1. i like it, is there a part 2 coming? (somehow there is room for a sequel)

    love your cartoon, i hope you don’t mind, i have taken the liberty of using one on my blog
    any problems let me know, otherwise, thanks heaps, keep up the good work.

    • cakeordeathcartoon Says:

      No problemo. I like your post too: especially the line which says, “If baptism of infants works, why don’t we just run round throwing water over everyone, they’ll thank us one day, won’t they?”

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  3. Been using your cartoon is our Church newsletter (with ur (c) and webadress with it..) and people love it!

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