Libya Cartoon

Welcome to Benghazi

I can imagine standing on a rooftop in Benghazi gazing out over the no-fly zone as baguettes, tea and movie stars rain down on Colonel Gaddafi’s head. When it’s quietened down a bit I would love to go for a visit – I heart North Africa and the Middle East. As for the question of whether Western involvement is the right thing to do…well, this is primarily a cartoon website but here’s what Cake or Death would say – should the West stand up for those who are about to be slaughtered? Of course. We all should. I just wish they weren’t such hypocrites about where, when and how they decide to actually follow through on such principles. Especially when they spend the rest of time selling arms to the people they need to stop. Right, back to the jokes…

Cake or Death: Your choice of Christian, church and political cartoons

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