Answers to the Christmas Cartoon Quiz

Thank you to everyone who emailed what they thought the answers should be to the previous post. Below are the answers as based on the Bible and various theologians. You may want to haggle about some of the answers but here they are:


1. TRUE. Jesus was wrapped up in swaddling strips as opposed to a fluffy babygrow or a classy Christening gown.
2. TRUE. Mary was there.
3. TRUE. Joseph was there
4. FALSE. Jesus wasn’t born in a crib. He was born in a feeding trough.
5. TRUE. There was very likely cattle or other farm animals in the vicinity of the feeding trough.
6. FALSE. There were no kangeroos.
7. FALSE. The wise men only came much later when Jesus was an infant. And there were probably more than three.
8. FALSE. There were no Christmas trees.
9. FALSE. Or Christmas stockings.
10. FALSE. Or Advent calenders.
11. FALSE. Or Santa Claus
12. FALSE. Or an Angel. The angels all appeared before the birth itself.
13. TRUE. The shepherds were there.
14. FALSE. There were no giraffes.
15. FALSE. Herod’s soldiers only came much much later.
16. FALSE. It was unlikely there was a star hovering over the birth like neon sign. The wise men were astrologers from the East who would’ve seen unique star movements and patterns in the night sky.
17. FALSE. It is very unlikely that Jesus was born in winter.

Cake or Death: Your choice of Christian, church and political cartoons

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