About Alex

But who is this?Alex Baker is a cartoonist, dj, photographer and recovering architect.

He currently produces work for a variety of publications which include Families First, The Baptist Times, and Quadrant, which sometimes publishes his cartoons.

Sometimes they don’t, but through the miracle of the internest, you can view those deemed unsuitable for their readership here.

Alex is married to his work and his wife, and maintains that polygamy is perfectly acceptable in South Africa where he comes from.

He hopes you laugh at his pictures more than at his picture.

Alex likes Tony Campolo, Philip Yancey, Richard Rohr, Jim Wallis, Shane Claiborne, Max Lucado, Richard Foster, C S Lewis and Jesus.

You can follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.

Want to email him directly? Use this cakeordeathcartoons@gmail.com

11 Responses to “About Alex”

  1. Ulricke Lourens Says:

    Lekker tekkies my rooinek maatjie! Sien jy het vernuf met die bic pen, thee hee maar jou sin vir humor is flym skerp soos altyd!

  2. Have a nice day !

  3. Tom Barrett Says:

    Hi Alex

    Just wondering if you’re happy for your cartoons to be reproduced in local church (free) publications?


    • cakeordeathcartoon Says:

      Dear Tom,

      Thank you for your message. Judging by your email I assume you’re writing from Australia? Beautiful place. I am more than happy for you to reproduce my cartoons in your church publication. If there’s space it would be great if you could put the web address (https://cakeordeathcartoon.wordpress.com/) in a small font alongside the cartoon but I leave that up to you.



  4. Greetings from Massachusetts (USA) — in answering Tom’s questions, you answered mine. Stumbled on your blog searching for a Lent cartoon for my church’s newsletter (I say anyone who actually has cartoons for Lent is someone worth knowing). Hope you don’t mind if I add your blog to my blog roll. I blog at Clergy Family Confidential http://frtim.wordpress.com/

  5. heather joy Says:

    Just stumbled onto your blog today! Hilarious. 🙂
    I hope you don’t mind me posting a link to your blog on my site.
    God Bless,
    Heather Joy

  6. Linda Arnold Says:

    Hi Alex! I’ve been enjoying your cartoons! I could not find a contact email so sorry to post this request as a comment. Anyway, could I please use just one of your cartoons in a presentation I am making at a conference. I am a poor grad students. The cartoon shows a linear graph and Mrs. C. dying as the sermon gets longer. You would be fully credited. Would it be OK? Thanks – Linda

  7. S.Friedrich Says:

    Hello Mr. Baker! Your cartoons are really great. I am editor of a german-speaking church-magazine and would be interested to use some of your cartoons in our magazine. But like Mrs. Arnold I can’t find a contact email, so that I can tell you some more details. So please, let me know your email. Thanks. Sigmar Friedrich

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