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Cartoons on the radio

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So last Sunday I was invited to talk about cartoons and faith on BBC Radio 4 for their Sunday show callled, not surprisingly, ‘Sunday’. I was joined by Zaineb Latif, a cartoonist who does work for Muslim News. We’d pre-recorded our segment because Zaineb is based in Canada so the time difference made it inconvenient for the live Sunday morning show. Pre-recording also meant our original conversation was longer than the final broadcast segment. It was enjoyable – both Zaineb and the host, William Crawley, were chatty and charming. It also made me long for the days when I was on community radio. Good times. Ahem, but back to this. It’s a fairly serious discussion – light on goofball jokes and “boom!” comedy zingers. So be prepared not to laugh.

You can listen to it on the BBC Website here (skip to the 13:14 mark) for the next seven days:

Or you can listen to that specific segment on Soundcloud.

Cartoon Radio

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Shhh...we're on air

This has not been published. Yet. My editor is a little hesitant following the recent Exorcism furore. Still, I’d love to hear this single on Christian radio. Check out John 1:23.

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